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Are you feeling stuck? Hypnotherapy can help you.

Talk to Genine your certified Hypnotherapist for the treatment of anxiety, stress, phobias, chronic pain, addiction or trauma.

Hypnotherapy Services

We have several clinical hypnosis services focus area various issues. Please select from the list below for more information. 

Our Promise to You.

Safe Space

All our discussions are confidential, recorded and respectful of your privacy.

Rapid Results

Hypnotheapy has prove faster results than more traditional therapies

Long-term Outcome

We focus on a positive long-term outcomes, not only on temporary relief.

Tailored Solutions

We don't follow a script. We tailor the session to your unique needs.

Client Success Stories

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Dr.F S
Dr.F S
January 8, 2024
High School can be extremely tough on kids, and like most teenagers, my daughter was dealing with procrastination. Thanks to Genine, things changed from the first session! My daughter is now more optimistic and motivated to complete her tasks on time without feeling burnt out. I wholeheartedly recommend Ecomindz for helping calm the busy minds of adolescents.
Ann Haskins
Ann Haskins
December 18, 2023
I came to EcoMindz anxious, scattered and desperately looking for help to deal with years of anxiety. Genine was kind, approachable and very supportive of my goals. After four sessions with her I can honestly say I've made great progress with regaining self-belief and confidence. I am very grateful for the work she did with me and would highly recommend EcoMindz to friends and family.
September 27, 2023
Heard about hypno, but at first he was a little hesitant. researched it and came across Genines page. I came here for insomnia and anxiousness. Genine was incredibly kind, polite, and supportive. We scheduled a total of 4 sessions, and we gradually saw significant progress. I can now fall asleep with ease and have a lot of anxiousness under control. If you're dealing with a problem comparable to mine, I highly advise her.
courtney lamaro
courtney lamaro
September 20, 2023
I had an amazing experience with Genine, working on my anxiety. I noticed a difference from session 1 and have had such a sense of relief after suffering for years. Hypnosis was nothing at all like I expected, and I felt very comfortable and safe the entire time.
Andrew Rivet
Andrew Rivet
August 3, 2023
I had unexplained pain symptoms with my entire body. After the first session I noticed a significant difference with my pain levels and over the last 3 weeks my perception of pain has completely changed. Now I am symptom-free and enjoying the Activites I have always wanted to do. Keep in mind I work at a healthcare clinic myself so conventional therapy did not work for me. Highly recommend Genine for pain management issues.
Samuel Boctor
Samuel Boctor
August 3, 2023
Genine, meeting you and going through your therapy sessions has changed my life in a way i can't even fathom. I was told about Genine and her services 18 months ago but never managed to reach out. 4 or 5 weeks ago, i decided to book in a consultation session - One of the best decisions i have ever made. Genine went above and beyond. She's such a veteran. She knew exactly which questions to ask to get the best outcome for me without directing my train of thought. I can't thank you enough, Genine!
July 21, 2023
I saw Genine for blushing/social anxiety which was consuming my life. I had never tried hypnotherapy and I noticed a big difference after the first session, and after completing my 4 sessions I can honestly say she has changed my daily life. I am so much less anxious, more calm and able to enjoy myself in social settings again. Genine made me feel at ease and gave me a safe space to talk. She also gives you a copy of the recordings to take home and listen to. I had a great experience at EcoMindz and I highly recommend going to see Genine if you are thinking about hypnotherapy.
Karem Nunez
Karem Nunez
July 12, 2023
I went to see Genine as my anxiety had slowly crept back and was causing various issues, one of which was not being able to get to sleep. Genine made me feel at ease during our first meeting as she explained exactly what would be involved and we discussed what I wanted to get out of the sessions. After my 1st session there was a huge difference. I left the clinic feeling extremely relaxed, and my mind was calm and quiet instead of the usual worries and stress scenarios replaying in my mind. That night, I was able to go straight to sleep within a few minutes. My sessions were about 2 months ago and I still have no issues. Highly recommend!!!
Michael Lawler
Michael Lawler
July 6, 2023
Genine is amazing. I have been seeing Genine for the last couple of months and the results that I have received are fantastic. The first meeting, Genine asked a number of questions to identify the areas of my life that I wanted to improve. Her manner is very reassuring and she has an excellent ability to identify those areas requiring help. The ability to receive recordings of the time spent with Genine and replay when needed is an excellent use of the technology that she uses. If you are having any issue in your life, Genine is the lady that can help.
Haydee Martinez
Haydee Martinez
April 11, 2023
Ecomindz Genine, no words to say how thankful I’m I have struggled for many years with anxiety that lead me uncontrollable shopping , getting myself more and more into debt. From the first session I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t use Afterpay that was my kryptonite. I can stop now and think Trust her, you are in a amazing hands and you will not regret it.

What makes EcoMindz Clinical Hypnotherapy different?

We understand what you are going through. We have helped clients like you to overcome similar problems like anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stop smoking and more. If you are searching for the best hypnotherapist, the best NLP practitioner, or the best natural therapist in Sydney, you are at the right place!

We specialise in Anxiety & Stress therapy

We have lived experience overcoming anxiety, quit smoking and manage stress effectively with the help of Hypnotherapy. We have dedicated years of studying Clinical Hypnosis, Strategic Psychotherapy, Coaching & Neuro-linguistic programming. We have worked with 100’s of clients who suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and helped them combat it effectively, now living lives free from panic and anxiety.

We target the root cause

With Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy we are able to address challenges at their roots by dealing directly with the subconscious or Limbic part of the brain. This way you overcome challenges that you otherwise could not with more traditional therapies.

A faster way to recovery

Our therapy is a little different to a usual psychologist or counsellor. We do not want to do months or years of therapy, we believe we need to get an outcome so you can rather spend your time living a full life as intended and deserved.

We focus on your future

We focus on the future and not on past events. Although it is important to understand where you come from, it is certainly not an indication of your future. We work on creating a different future by empowering your mind and thus, empowering you.

We focus on "How", not on "Why"

At Ecomindz, our focus is primarily on ‘how’ we can make you feel better and help you to do better. Unlike some traditional psychologists or counsellors, we are more interested in the ‘how’ than the ‘why’. Knowing why you are feeling the way you do is important, but working on how the problem exists and the pillars that keeps it there allows us to address the root cause.

Therapy + Education + Coaching

We also use a form of strategic coaching similar to life coaching. This is an elite form of coaching centered on your values and belief systems. We take a deep dive into your beliefs, your perceptual filters and your life experiences to identify the unconscious patterns which can help or hinder you when achieving your goals.

Longer appointment times

Our consultations are typically longer than other Therapists so you will never feel rushed!

Complimentary session recording

This is also a great point of difference to other Hypnotherapists. We give you a recording of your Hypnosis session FREE so you can reinforce your therapy by listening at home.

Your Journey to Better health Starts here

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