EcoMindz is a Covid Safe Clinic: 
We are a provider of mental health services during the Covid pandemic and are 
therefore permitted to stay open under the public health order. 
We adhere to the NSW health guidelines to keep our clinic Covid safe.
We clean and disinfect surfaces regularly and before and after consultations. 
We also comply with square meter, face masks and mandatory check-in rules stated 


Authorized personnel: 
Ecomindz therapists are authorized to see clients under item Number 1, Section 5. We 
provide services to vulnerable persons i.e. due to trauma which could be from family 
violence and/ sexual assault or old age and also under 18yr old children/teenagers for 
Anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions. 
We are a provider of: 

  • Clinical hypnotherapy 
  • General counseling 
  • Mental health services 
Consultation availability during lockdown / restrictions 
We are open for clinic and online consultations during this time within our usual clinic & 
online hours Thursday – Saturday.
Bookings can be made on our ONLINE BOOKING PORTAL or by calling 0436 409 941. 
A reasonable excuse to leave home: 
Within the category of “Other reasonable excuses“,
A reasonable excuse specifically applying to Ecomindz consultations, is if you need to: 
“Access social services, employment services, services provided to victims (including as 
victims of crime), domestic violence services, and mental health services”. 
As a provider of mental health services, it is important that the current lockdown does 
not impact your access seeking help. 
Traveling to Ecomindz
NSW Police have confirmed that if you are traveling to a booked appointment, you
should carry or be able to produce your booking confirmation for the appointment you
are attending.  You will have received a confirmation of your booking which includes our
address, time of consultation, and your Therapist’s name. Please carry this with you
when traveling to your consultation.

We do however advise you to check with local authorities in the instance that changes

may happen that we are unaware of.

We provide this information as a guide only. You should always do your own due
diligence. While the information on the page is correct at the time of writing, in the
current pandemic, situations may change suddenly; therefore, we recommend checking
the facts from NSW health or the NSW Government website or Service NSW.

Please do not visit the clinic if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or as prescribed by

NSW health. We can arrange for an online consultation or reschedule for a later date.


GETTING TESTED BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you live in an area of concern

or hotspot area as identified by the NSW Government or NSW Health you are required

to obtain negative covid test result any time within 7 days before your booking.


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