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Fast Anxiety Treatment that works

We help our clients overcome the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety and panic fast.

Do you feel overwhelmed at times, sometimes even lash out from irritability? Perhaps you feel your mind is so busy and you cannot stop it? You may even feel like you wish you could go back to earlier years where you may have felt calmer, happier and content and could go where you wanted and just be yourself.

We have helped hundreds of clients with similar experiences to gain a clearer mind, get back in control, have the freedom to do and go where they want, have a more relaxed body and live life to the fullest again!

Maybe you have been to Counsellors or Psychologists and looking for something different like an alternative therapy. You have come to the right place, we want to help you achieve results that last! 

Some of our clients have been to more traditional therapies with little results which also took ages. With EcoMindz Clinical Hypnotherapy you will see faster results, which means faster relief from feeling like a storm is raging inside of you and you are stuck!

We can effectively lower stress responses, instil new coping strategies subconsciously, and teach you new techniques to manage stress and anxiety using a variety of tools but most importantly Hypnotherapy. 

The stress response is created by the subconscious part of your mind hence why you may not understand why you are feeling anxious.  Most clients explain that they have become anxious about being anxious.  This may have led to avoiding certain places or things. It may have gone as far as panic attacks.  Our clients typically see results after the first session and we can effectively instil new coping strategies and change the way you think, feel and behave within 4-6 sessions.

At Ecomindz we see clients overcome anxiety, and have no more panic attacks, in just a few sessions.  When we are dealing with your subconscious mind we are dealing with the control centre of your mind and body. We are able to instil new coping strategies by reprogramming your brain. We can remove the emotional attachment your brain has made to some past event or change your association to a habit that no longer serves you.  

Get unstuck, get back in control, and let’s access the power of your subconscious mind!

These are some stress and anxiety-related challenges clients come to Ecomindz for anxiety therapy; being anxious about being anxious; overcoming past trauma; stress management; anger outbursts & irritability; fears & phobias; constant worrying; self-esteem help; fear of public speaking; lack of motivation; feeling stuck; help with sleep; overthinking and much more.

About your Hypnotherapist - Genine

“I have helped people going through similar challenges to you.”

Genine has a clear passion and keen interest in mental health and behaviour and is set on helping people make their futures happen by living happier and doing better.  She specialises in Anxiety & stress related therapy.

She began her journey into hypnotherapy after family members suffered severe depression, and being at the scene of 2 suicides of people she knew. She witnessed the effects of Anxiety and Chronic stress in the workplace in her 20 years in Corporate roles of which 8 years were leading high-performing teams. 

Genine herself dealt with anxiety earlier in life and even to the point of vasovagal syncope and digestive issues. She worked to overcome anxiety and stopped smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy.

As a high achiever, beginning as a professional singer and performing in the World Championships of the Performing Arts in 1998 where she obtained a bronze medal, Genine was running high levels of unhealthy stress and anxiety.

Her firsthand experience with the fast and lasting results of Hypnotherapy, plus her passion for human potential led Genine to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist herself.

She now dedicates her skills from her results-driven corporate roles to her lived experience and years of studying Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Psychotherapy, and Coaching to empower and help others overcome Anxiety and mental health challenges and move forward.

Genine has developed an anxiety program that may be one of the best treatments for anxiety around.  If you were searching google for ‘anxiety near me’ then you have come to the right place, so relax back, we can help!

What our clients are saying...

63 reviews on
May 8, 2024
Genine is an absolute wonder. I went in for anxiety, expecting it to take a few sessions for the anxiety to ebb away. Literally the day after my first session I felt that my anxiety was tame compared to the beast it had been. I highly recommend Genine. She really cares about your health and about your mental health. She wants to see you walk out less burdened. I’m going to attend more sessions down the line, but I only needed 4 to feel like o could breathe again.
April 26, 2024
Great service! I am so happy with my results. After 35 years smoking I am now smoke free. Well done Genine
March 25, 2024
During one of the toughest periods of my life, I turned to hypnotherapy to help manage my anxiety and regain control of my thoughts. Working with Genine was nothing short of life-changing. Her expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping me navigate through challenges I never thought I'd overcome.
February 20, 2024
Absolutely brilliant. I would recommend Ecomindz to anyone who has something they struggle to give up on or just even a chat. It does work.
February 18, 2024
Genine is professional and approachable. I had misconceptions of what clinical hypnotherapy was. I have been pleased with the results, feeling a shift in my mindset and long held and stubborn programming. I would recommend.
February 9, 2024
25 years of drinking and bad life choices altered in a couple of sessions ! Genine really is a wonderful, understanding and kind human being. She sat me down we discussed what I had been going through and she eased my mind about worrying if I was going to open myself to hypnotherapy. I’ve been sober 36 days something I didn’t think was possible. My relationships with my wife my young daughter my work is amazing. Thank you so much again Genine.
January 8, 2024
High School can be extremely tough on kids, and like most teenagers, my daughter was dealing with procrastination. Thanks to Genine, things changed from the first session! My daughter is now more optimistic and motivated to complete her tasks on time without feeling burnt out. I wholeheartedly recommend Ecomindz for helping calm the busy minds of adolescents.
December 18, 2023
I came to EcoMindz anxious, scattered and desperately looking for help to deal with years of anxiety. Genine was kind, approachable and very supportive of my goals. After four sessions with her I can honestly say I've made great progress with regaining self-belief and confidence. I am very grateful for the work she did with me and would highly recommend EcoMindz to friends and family.
September 27, 2023
Heard about hypno, but at first he was a little hesitant. researched it and came across Genines page. I came here for insomnia and anxiousness. Genine was incredibly kind, polite, and supportive. We scheduled a total of 4 sessions, and we gradually saw significant progress. I can now fall asleep with ease and have a lot of anxiousness under control. If you're dealing with a problem comparable to mine, I highly advise her.

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